Change Logs

Start from 14 June 2021, changes will be documented

14 June 2021

  • Enable support for B2B1

  • Payment mode now support merchant, customer and merchant_credit

  • Payment API is now accept billing_address, shipping_address

  • Extra parameters for callback and redirect e.g: transaction_fee, fpx_model, payment_mode, fpx_debit_auth_code

  • Payment dropdown or grid bank view

25 July 2021

  • Settlement statement can be downloaded from dashboard on settlement section.

  • Please select bank is now appear on the banks selection list.

  • Faster statistic loads on dashboard implementing sketch and stream algorithm.

  • Load balance on premium domain infrastructure.

  • New architecture (backend) design on web and SSL services. Now everything are API ready.

  • Statistic is now can be displayed as per API.

  • Bank selection on the form page (previous the bank selection page is after form page)

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